We are an organization located in Norway, with the purpose to help orphans of Pwani Mchangani

towards a brighter future!

About the children


Today the children live with their relatives.


Some of them live with their grandparents, some with their aunts and uncles, and some with their older siblings.

Their new families are big with lots of children, living in extreme poverty, and are already struggling to feed their own.


They live up to 8 children in one room.


To be able to take care of themselves and their families, they need education.

Our sister-organization


We have a sister organization located in Pwani Mchangani called Helpful Orphanage.

Their purpose is to help orphans of the village to be able to take care of themselves and their families, by providing them education.

They also provide them with food and clothes until they turn 18, so that they can live with their relatives.

When the children turn 18 they have to be able to take care of themselves..


They were established in 2015.

Want to support us?

Account number: 9533.05.33073



We were founded on an island outside Bergen, Norway, in. october 2016.

After some of our boardmembers went to Pwani Mchangani and got to see the orphans living conditions, we desided we want to help.



Our board is consisting of six people. We are:


Oddny Grebstad, manager

Inger Gerny Skram, secretary

Ada Charlotte Riisnes, cashier

Katarina Grebstad Sjo, web-manager

Siri Sjøsæter, marketing manager

Ronny Skare Johnsen, head of marketing





Currently there are 52 orphans in the village.

We wish to provide these children with support to help themselves.


We have buildt a school for education and training, where the children learn English, computer, sewing, baking, manicure/pedicure.

This will hopefully help them get a profession, og move further with their education.


Classes are continously ongoing within all areas.


Teachers are mostly voluntarily.


We are also working on getting the children started with apprenticeships.


We will work to support them so they can reach their goals.


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